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Margaret Mead

If you are planning to have an Online Business, then the one most crucial foundation would be to perform SEO keyword research. Which tool to use and how? What if you get free access to it with endless research to perform. If you subscribe here you get a free research and keyword selection done for your website from me as a gift.

What is SEO Keyword Research?

While creating content for your website, you would need to perform keyword research so that the content is optimized to solve a perticular set of target audiences who are looking for some specific solution in internet.

It is your SEO keywords in your content that allows people to search and find your website using search engines.

Example: You have build a website to help people to know “how to earn money by working from home online“.

You need to use the keyword “how to earn money by working from home online” in your content and define your SEO keywords with it for the search engines to identify the article is related to which topic.

Incase anyone perform a search with the keyword “how to earn money by working from home online” your website will appear in the search.

Why are SEO Keywords Important?

Now you know what is SEO research, but the reason of their importance is it helps your website rank in search. If you have optimized your website with SEO there is high chances that if some one searches your keyword then your website will come first hence more visiters will buy products and services from you.


1. Get clients on auto-pilot.

2. Be more visible to your customers.

3. Easily showcase your products and services.

The Best Keyword Research Tool

The one and only Jaaxy.

In order to do your keyword research there are many research tool out their but the best that I found was Jaaxy.

Reason for promotion Jaaxy:

1. Simple yet powerfull and accurate Keyword research tool.

2. You can get access to Jaaxy here.

3. QSR or competion rating is mentioned too, this tells us what is the competition you have.

How to get Jaaxy for Free?



If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate you would get access to Jaaxy too for FREE.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform to teach you on how to create your online business with state of the art hosting, and Keyword research tool  included.


Follow the right system and you will never fail. Get your Niche clear, setup the right website with right plugins , showcase all the affiliate links in your website, write articles with SEO friendly keywords in it to make it rank thus getting free traffic to your website.

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