Why do we do what we do?

Why do we do what we do?

If you are struggling to find your Niche for setting up your online business, Today is your lucky Day and We got a plan for you.

If you have taken much of your time in selecting your niche but have failed to get a winning one, I advise all to FAIL FAST, FAIL FORWARD.

As an entrepreneur failing is not something we should be afraid of, instead, we should embrace it.

How to fail fast is easy, to start working on the first thing that comes to you. Give it a shot for a good 3 months if you enjoy working on it, great continue if not switch and choose better.

One thing we could make sure is the direction, are we crawling if not moving towards your bigger goals.

Like I would like to retire early, so the action that i take, article that i write, the website that i create is it aligned to my cause. Are you trading time for money or planning out a system which will help you generate money on autopilot. Imagine set of tools and techniques combined with your knowledge and vision creates a system which is going to help you earn money passively thus alowing you the luxury of spending time doing what you love.

But its not build in a day, it takes time and perseverance to create it.

Step One:

Find you nice and give your complete focus to it, make sure you get your success there else choose a different niche.

Time to grind it does not matter you are promoting amazon products or how to earn money from home online or how to teac online and make money.

Do your deligent hard work to make sure you have a proven system which delivers money to you by working on your behalf.

How to build a system is easy, create a money making website ideally from WA and drive traffic to it.

Step Two:

Once you have a proven model, you could start teaching the same to others – Why Teach, you already have money, now you need a sense of mission of helping others to be more successfull and drive a sense of gratitude which will lead to happiness.

You will soon have followers who will follow you because of your teachings and value addition to their lives and business.

Step Three:

You are on a path to become an influencer now, with strong social following you could easily drive people to any idea or product. You not only get to become famous but be responsible of your actions, thought processes and vision for your own community.


Having a plan with step by step formula is amazing and relaxing, now you know what to do, why to do and the fun and joy involving it. Now you could plan yourmicro daily tasks. Now you will never loose focus of your goal, because I just gave you your own compass to follow.

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