4 Products I Recommend After Using Lessons That Will Pay Off


Since 2015, Teachable has been hosting multi-day virtual conferences, to give course creators like us the chance to learn from the most successful course creators in the world.

  • Provides tools such as quizzes, discussion forums, student feedback and list segmentation
  • Their marketing tools give you the option to set up coupons, and to sell your courses in bundles or sell your courses based on a monthly or annual subscription.
  • you can begin creating courses at no charge to you, or you can upgrade to a paid level to get access to more features.

Thrive Themes

Thrive themes are one of the leading theme designers in the WordPress market.

This is one of a kind WordPress theme company that intends to deliver conversion oriented themes and plugins for your WordPress websites.

  • Thrive themes used to house some of the best WordPress themes like Rise, Squared, Pressive, etc. All these themes focused on the one thing Thrive themes are established for – Better conversion.
  • Thrive Architect, which is a plugin, a content editor. Thrive theme builder will work at a higher level, it won’t be just about readjusting a page design using the page editor’s tool. 
  • The plugins from Thrive themes are about lead generation and content optimization for better conversions.

Wealthy Affiliate

This site will show you how to supplement your retirement income to building a new internet business with residual income, from beginners to experts and to reassure you that Wealthy Affiliate is Not A Scam but a legitimate way to learn affiliate marketing online.

  • This site is all about showing you some legitimate home based business ideas and this is my no. 1 pick for anyone wanting to make money online, bar none and want to learn how to build a website fast and easy.
  • Wealthy Affiliate also shows you great ways on how to supplement your retirement income, what could you do with another one or two thousand a month or more?
  • Over 1000,000 HELPFUL community members


Demio is the easy way for marketing and customer-education teams to effectively scale their efforts through live video in less time than ever before.

  • Whether you are looking to Generate & Qualify Leads/Customers, Activate Users & Increase Trial Conversions, or Educate Customers & Reduce Churn, Demio is the perfect platform for you.
  • The construction of this tool shows that it is really based on the simplicity of the interface and flexibility in its operation.