Techpreneur was established in 2018 after myself Paaritosh Kumar retired at age 36 and decided to be self employed and happy.

Why Online Jobs for Retirement?

After my retirement I found teaching children as most satisfying.  Yes i started my new chapter as a private tutor to young children, though the money was not good but at least it helped in stabilizing myself and gave me enough time to reconcile and build up my strength.

I did not stop there, soon started working as a freelancer as a recruitment agent, and i found there are so many lost souls waiting eagerly to get a job, both freshers and experienced. This gave me an insight that there is utter urgent need for entrepreneurial mindset which will create wealth for so many families.

Once I started exploring various business models over internet(thanks for making the world small) I realized the beauty of Freedom Business model which promotes Golden Age. A business centered around you, the more you grow, your business grows the more wealth you create, the more you impact peoples lives.

In simple words E-Learning combined with Digital Marketing and Affiliate marketing with a common thread of a simple message: 

 I want to help people with ___

Teachers/Trainers/Coaches – Your time is now

I want to help people realize they can help others, be happy and still earn a lot. Its time we reorganize the world with more and more Good Millionaires, people with good heart , willing to help others succeed.

What’s stopping you from jumping in?

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What you can Expect from here –

What is the purpose, goal of is to help retired people to take benefit of this changing world by making use of proper training and helping hand in establish their own online e-learning business by teaching what they already know from their comfort home and earn passive income. This website is one stop location of all online jobs for retirement.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Paaritosh Kumar

“Logic can take you from A to B, Imagination can take you everywhere.”

Albert Einstien

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