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Online Jobs In Education

This is for all struggling youths from around the world, you are not meant to live in education debts and fear of unemployment. 

It’s time to Rise, take the matter in your own hands, instead of waiting for the government to do something take the Entrepreneurial jump and explore the world of Digital Revolution, do not be left behind, embrace it when you still got time.

Let’s take the example of high unemployment in Canada. With rising costs and Canadians forced to take part-time jobs and online jobs in Canada, Millenials are living in debt and having a low standard of living than their older generation.

You cannot simply wait for the government to fix this.

Read Below if you want to know how people of all age groups around the world are making millions by creating their digital info products, selling other people’s products (affiliation) and teaching others from the comfort of their home without any boss or employee.

What E-Learning Industry can teach you about Teaching Others.

Anybody can teach anything 🙂

 Yes, TRUE but How(Using below two concepts): –

  a). Concept of LEARN, DO, TEACH: 

  As per scientific research, your retention of any topic you are learning is highest at 95% if you teach the same topic to others.

As per the image below.

Learn how you can create a system that allows you to do the same on any topic, be it your technical knowledge like Artificial Intelligent or simple homemade skills how to bake a cake and start teaching online.

You might be thinking why to teach online by buying digital tools, No I am not trying to sell you here anything for the sake of it.

The reason to buy the digital tools and setting up tools is that it’s an Investment for the assets that are going to give you your financial freedom by creating money for you. I have done it like many others and so can you.

  b). Concept of Expert, Reporter, and Broker of knowledge – Tonny Robbins.

  1. If you are already an expert in some in-demand skills, you are positioned perfectly to make use of this system and be financially free in no time.
  2. If you are not an expert on any topic to share with the world, find someone with the knowledge and leverage his skills to grow your self in the direction and become an expert in the process.
  3. If you cannot even find an expert, why not help or work for someone who is already doing this.

Three Tips to enhance your self with high-income skills.

Treat what you do as a serious business and it will pay you back like a business asset. 

  1. Buying tools for your online e-Learning business is your investment in acquiring assets that will continue to help you generate money so do not overthink.
  2. Learning to market and sell your products will help you acquire evergreen skills of Marketing and Selling that’s too digitally which is much sought after.
  3. Using the tools your self will give you the confidence to review and recommend them to others and increase your chances to get a freelancing job too.

How to Tap into Global ELearning which is to reach $325 billion by 2025

One resource which is ever-increasing is Human resource and all need education, with the traditional high priced model failing to deliver youth the required jobs, its time to embrace the startup ecosystem and become self-sustainable.

3 steps to achieve it is below

  1. Strategize and do self-realization to find your own (Niche) Mission to help people with. Like I am on a mission to help anyone become independent by creating their own multiple streams of income.
  2. Define your target customers, who are you going to help with your product and mission. Like my ideal target students are youth failing to get a decent job.
  3. Create an ecosystem of digital tools like website, social platforms, funnel builder, email autoresponder, etc. to support your sales and marketing seamlessly.

You get what you work for. So choose you goals wisely.

If you are working day-in, day-out hoping that you would save enough money to start your business some day, you will end up living most of your life just working for someone else and only hoping. 

If you think you want to kickstart your entrepreneurial endeavors, we have some good news for you. 

It’s time to act and steer your path to a new you where you are successful, self-sustaining, and happy. 

Stop thinking about the if’s and but’s, take the first step to success today.