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Google Business in Map

Google My Business How to Guide

Google My Business How to Guide

If you want your business to grow and appear, some steps need to be taken. And being on Google My Business is one of the most important steps to a company's success on the Internet, especially for customer service companies and physical stores.

It is very important to take advantage of every opportunity Google My Business offers. Many people still do not know all the possibilities this amazing tool allows them to do. Undoubtedly, making the most information about your business available on the internet will bring you closer to your potential customers.

People use Google as their primary search engine for all their everyday needs: products, services, and everything they need. That's where they look.

And if someone types in your business on Google, are you sure they'll be found? Many opportunities can be missed like this.

So, besides having a good website and hiring better website hosting, you need Google My Business to definitely put your business on the internet map.

What is Google Business?

Created in 2004 with the goal of unifying many features that already existed in both Google Plus and Google Places, Google My Business brings together many amazing tools in one place.

The combination of these features allows entrepreneurs to more effectively spread within Google tools, generating more organic search results.

Among the advantages of using Google My Business include:

Registration and a special highlight of your business on Google:   By registering, the person you are looking for will find a variety of relevant information about your business, such as photos, videos, address, opening hours, and more;

Allow for greater interaction with customers: There will also be a comment area where you can answer your customers' questions, as well as post photos of your area;

Increase the reach of your business:  You can have a broader understanding of where customers are researching your business and how they came to you;

Access to a data report: You will have available reports containing various relevant search information regarding your company;

Have more mobility in editing information: It makes a lot of difference if you have to be around all the time and don't have time to stop in front of a computer to update your business data or get feedback.

But one of the most interesting things about Google My Business is its interaction with Google Maps.

Reasons to use Google My Business

Google My Business offers a number of tools and resources that allow to marketing your business on the Internet. This tool is extremely important for those who own a physical store or work with customer service and want to promote their business.

Appear on Google Maps:

Imagine a typical consumer. He's on the street, just left a meeting or something in a neighborhood he's unfamiliar with. It is lunchtime and he begins to feel hungry. As he is in a place he doesn't know, he begins to wonder where he is going to eat.

Let's say he wants to eat in a self-service restaurant. He picks up his phone, logs in to Google, and types in “self service restaurants 'neighborhood name' 'city name'”.

Let's say you happen to have a self-service restaurant in the same region. If you're in Google Business, they'll have access to your restaurant information:

  • Whether it is open or closed;

  • The location and route to get there;

  • Photos and videos of the place;

  • Information such as average prices, if the place is casual, etc

  • Comments about the place posted by users;

  • Phone and contact information;

Access to the social networks of your restaurant, where he can have access to menus and other information.

And much more. This makes it easy for the customer to contact you in an extremely easy and friendly way.

Not to mention that, according to Google itself, companies that have registration and make their information available tend to be considered more respected by consumers. And this is what you're looking for, right?

Interact with customers:

Many consumers ask questions directly on Google. These questions are visible to everyone. A big mistake is not answering these questions to answer the customer's doubt.

In addition to the customer who did not have the question answered, you still lose the chance to help other customers who may have the same question and are there seeing the question with no answer.

Another big reason is that you can leave a bad impression of your business if no one answers customer questions. It is for this and other reasons mentioned above that we recommend that all companies be part of Google My Business.

This interaction with the customer is very positive. By helping your customer answer their questions, you can build a relationship of trust and further strengthen your connection with them.

According to Google, companies that add photos to your listing on Google Maps receive 42% more driving directions and 35% more clicks to visit their website than other companies.

Reporting and strategic information:

Google My Business provides a number of reports and insights that allow you to better understand the behavior of customers looking for your business or service on the Internet.

The obvious advantage is that with this information you can better focus your efforts on what your customers are looking for. In addition to having access to the number of customers who saw your business on Google and other information that allows you to measure the performance of your audience.

Every month you will receive a report via email that will allow you to understand your audience and keep track of everything that happens to your business on the internet.

Outline area:

A very interesting feature for those companies that work with delivery or customer visit is the delimitation of the coverage area. Through this feature, you can only show your business to customers who are within the area covered by the business.

For example, if you work with delivery only for one city, you can delimit your area so that the company is displayed only by customers who are within the city of operation.

You can delimit by state, city, or zip code. It's important to note that the system no longer allows you to delimit by the distance around your business, this option has been removed by Google My Business.

Google My Business is a fantastic tool for those who have a physical company. This Google product allows you to provide potential customers with all the information they need to find your business through search results.

Not only that, Google My Business provides feedback and a wealth of information that is extremely helpful in helping you make business decisions.

Why do we do what we do?

Why do we do what we do?

If you are struggling to find your Niche for setting up your online business, Today is your lucky Day and We got a plan for you.

If you have taken much of your time in selecting your niche but have failed to get a winning one, I advise all to FAIL FAST, FAIL FORWARD.

As an entrepreneur failing is not something we should be afraid of, instead, we should embrace it.

How to fail fast is easy, to start working on the first thing that comes to you. Give it a shot for a good 3 months if you enjoy working on it, great continue if not switch and choose better.

One thing we could make sure is the direction, are we crawling if not moving towards your bigger goals.

Like I would like to retire early, so the action that i take, article that i write, the website that i create is it aligned to my cause. Are you trading time for money or planning out a system which will help you generate money on autopilot. Imagine set of tools and techniques combined with your knowledge and vision creates a system which is going to help you earn money passively thus alowing you the luxury of spending time doing what you love.

But its not build in a day, it takes time and perseverance to create it.

Step One:

Find you nice and give your complete focus to it, make sure you get your success there else choose a different niche.

Time to grind it does not matter you are promoting amazon products or how to earn money from home online or how to teac online and make money.

Do your deligent hard work to make sure you have a proven system which delivers money to you by working on your behalf.

How to build a system is easy, create a money making website ideally from WA and drive traffic to it.

Step Two:

Once you have a proven model, you could start teaching the same to others – Why Teach, you already have money, now you need a sense of mission of helping others to be more successfull and drive a sense of gratitude which will lead to happiness.

You will soon have followers who will follow you because of your teachings and value addition to their lives and business.

Step Three:

You are on a path to become an influencer now, with strong social following you could easily drive people to any idea or product. You not only get to become famous but be responsible of your actions, thought processes and vision for your own community.


Having a plan with step by step formula is amazing and relaxing, now you know what to do, why to do and the fun and joy involving it. Now you could plan yourmicro daily tasks. Now you will never loose focus of your goal, because I just gave you your own compass to follow.

Find Best SEO Keywords

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

Margaret Mead

If you are planning to have an Online Business, then the one most crucial foundation would be to perform SEO keyword research. Which tool to use and how? What if you get free access to it with endless research to perform. If you subscribe here you get a free research and keyword selection done for your website from me as a gift.

What is SEO Keyword Research?

While creating content for your website, you would need to perform keyword research so that the content is optimized to solve a perticular set of target audiences who are looking for some specific solution in internet.

It is your SEO keywords in your content that allows people to search and find your website using search engines.

Example: You have build a website to help people to know “how to earn money by working from home online“.

You need to use the keyword “how to earn money by working from home online” in your content and define your SEO keywords with it for the search engines to identify the article is related to which topic.

Incase anyone perform a search with the keyword “how to earn money by working from home online” your website will appear in the search.

Why are SEO Keywords Important?

Now you know what is SEO research, but the reason of their importance is it helps your website rank in search. If you have optimized your website with SEO there is high chances that if some one searches your keyword then your website will come first hence more visiters will buy products and services from you.


1. Get clients on auto-pilot.

2. Be more visible to your customers.

3. Easily showcase your products and services.

The Best Keyword Research Tool

The one and only Jaaxy.

In order to do your keyword research there are many research tool out their but the best that I found was Jaaxy.

Reason for promotion Jaaxy:

1. Simple yet powerfull and accurate Keyword research tool.

2. You can get access to Jaaxy here.

3. QSR or competion rating is mentioned too, this tells us what is the competition you have.

How to get Jaaxy for Free?



If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate you would get access to Jaaxy too for FREE.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform to teach you on how to create your online business with state of the art hosting, and Keyword research tool  included.


Follow the right system and you will never fail. Get your Niche clear, setup the right website with right plugins , showcase all the affiliate links in your website, write articles with SEO friendly keywords in it to make it rank thus getting free traffic to your website.


Online Jobs In Education

This is for all struggling youths from around the world, you are not meant to live in education debts and fear of unemployment. 

It’s time to Rise, take the matter in your own hands, instead of waiting for the government to do something take the Entrepreneurial jump and explore the world of Digital Revolution, do not be left behind, embrace it when you still got time.

Let’s take the example of high unemployment in Canada. With rising costs and Canadians forced to take part-time jobs and online jobs in Canada, Millenials are living in debt and having a low standard of living than their older generation.

You cannot simply wait for the government to fix this.

Read Below if you want to know how people of all age groups around the world are making millions by creating their digital info products, selling other people’s products (affiliation) and teaching others from the comfort of their home without any boss or employee.

What E-Learning Industry can teach you about Teaching Others.

Anybody can teach anything 🙂

 Yes, TRUE but How(Using below two concepts): –

  a). Concept of LEARN, DO, TEACH: 

  As per scientific research, your retention of any topic you are learning is highest at 95% if you teach the same topic to others.

As per the image below.

Learn how you can create a system that allows you to do the same on any topic, be it your technical knowledge like Artificial Intelligent or simple homemade skills how to bake a cake and start teaching online.

You might be thinking why to teach online by buying digital tools, No I am not trying to sell you here anything for the sake of it.

The reason to buy the digital tools and setting up tools is that it’s an Investment for the assets that are going to give you your financial freedom by creating money for you. I have done it like many others and so can you.

  b). Concept of Expert, Reporter, and Broker of knowledge – Tonny Robbins.

  1. If you are already an expert in some in-demand skills, you are positioned perfectly to make use of this system and be financially free in no time.
  2. If you are not an expert on any topic to share with the world, find someone with the knowledge and leverage his skills to grow your self in the direction and become an expert in the process.
  3. If you cannot even find an expert, why not help or work for someone who is already doing this.

Three Tips to enhance your self with high-income skills.

Treat what you do as a serious business and it will pay you back like a business asset. 

  1. Buying tools for your online e-Learning business is your investment in acquiring assets that will continue to help you generate money so do not overthink.
  2. Learning to market and sell your products will help you acquire evergreen skills of Marketing and Selling that’s too digitally which is much sought after.
  3. Using the tools your self will give you the confidence to review and recommend them to others and increase your chances to get a freelancing job too.

How to Tap into Global ELearning which is to reach $325 billion by 2025

One resource which is ever-increasing is Human resource and all need education, with the traditional high priced model failing to deliver youth the required jobs, its time to embrace the startup ecosystem and become self-sustainable.

3 steps to achieve it is below

  1. Strategize and do self-realization to find your own (Niche) Mission to help people with. Like I am on a mission to help anyone become independent by creating their own multiple streams of income.
  2. Define your target customers, who are you going to help with your product and mission. Like my ideal target students are youth failing to get a decent job.
  3. Create an ecosystem of digital tools like website, social platforms, funnel builder, email autoresponder, etc. to support your sales and marketing seamlessly.

You get what you work for. So choose you goals wisely.

If you are working day-in, day-out hoping that you would save enough money to start your business some day, you will end up living most of your life just working for someone else and only hoping. 

If you think you want to kickstart your entrepreneurial endeavors, we have some good news for you. 

It’s time to act and steer your path to a new you where you are successful, self-sustaining, and happy. 

Stop thinking about the if’s and but’s, take the first step to success today.